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D&S Agility - Stuart Mah Seminar

D&S Agility would like to thank Stuart Mah for his informative seminar. Stuart's emphasis is on shifting focus between handler and obstacle during a run and training handlers to think on their feet when the "occasional" unexpected event occurs! He also presented a demonstration of contact training for the A-frame emphasizing the shift in balance from the front to the rear end (the dog's of course).

Stuart is an excellent trainer with a great eye for detail and his information will be an invaluable asset to those fortuate enough to have participated. I'm sure we will remember his 30-second drills and triple threat challenges for years to come.

Thanks Stuart!

Just to let everyone know that this is one of the best seminars that I haave been to for awhile. Lots of good info on different dogs.

Jackie and Bear

Wow. ! What a great weekend. The time flew by. I am wishing that I could have a had more. I feel like I understand more now. I am hopefull that I will be able to not mess poor Bella and Brisa up so much with my choppiness. Shirley has talked about Stuart for ever. I now really know why. THANKS For getting him here for the rest of us

Janice D

I thoroughly enjoyed Stuart's seminar as well. He taught us that you need to be constantly analyzing whether or not your dog should be in handler focus or obstacle focus throughout a sequence and how to achieve either of those. Thanks Diane and Shirley for bringing Stuart here! I hope he can come again in the future. Thanks for Janice (and others) for the snacks and lunches. Now I need to go away and practice......

Lorna and Sadie

WOW what a seminar!!!!!! it was one of the best seminars ever I am totally played out and Banjo is sound asleep!!!!!!

A big thankyou to Diane and Shirley for bringing him here I am sure we all have a lot to think about when either walking a course .... running our dogs ....or training. The A Frame demo was awesome and I think it answers alot of questions we all had about contacts etc. The work he did with the fast dogs getting them under contol was awesome etc etc etc. one could go on and on.

Thanks goes out to the gals putting on the dinners and snacks for us you girls were awesome.

Thanks again you guys


The Stuart Mah seminar this past weekend was just phenomenal! He is a very articulate person with a great eye and a wonderful way with all of the dogs! He taught beyond the technical skills and his endless analogies were extremely helpful and eye opening! I just can't say enough! Thank you so much to Stuart Mah and Diane and Shirley for working hard to bring him back to Saskatoon. Thank you also to all those people who helped with organizing and with all of the great food and snacks. I didn't want the weekend to end, other than I was getting a tad tired and silly!


I have to agree with everyone who has posted comments about this past weekend with Stuart Mah. He is such a gracious man who provided us with so much information but managed to simplify things in a way that was easy to understand and remember. I also found his analogies very helpful!! Many thanks to Diane and Shirley for being so perseverant in bringing him to Saskatoon again. Now I know why everyone was so thrilled the last time he was here.

Ernie and I also feel very fortunate as we had the evenings and early mornings with Stuart....and I know Carmella will miss him since she spent most of the time in his lap.

Thank you also to everyone who helped with setting up, the great food and the clean up!!!!

Although we were quite tired today, we also were very sad the weekend was over.

Alice and Ernie

Now you guys know why Diane and I have always talked so highly about Stuart. So, for those of you who were there and who would like the opportunity to spend some more time learning from Stuart--there is hope. From the conversation that Diane had with Stuart last night and from the email I got from him today when he got home--there's a strong possibility that he might be able to fit us into his schedule in the next couple of years--hopefully sometime before 5 years pass again!!! For all of you who missed it--run, don't walk to audit next time!


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